About Us

Here at Precious Poultry, we keep a range of chickens, heavy and light breeds since 2002. At that time we received by courier our first box of day old pure breeds. We now hold around 20 breeds of which we also have within some breeds different colour.

Our aim has always been to preserve the once popular but now less kept birds. From buying our first day olds, many years on we have our own incubator and hatch as many chicks as we can, so we can improve our stock whilst maintaining the characteristics they were renowned for before commercialisation of the poultry industry lessened their numbers.

Most of what we have learned thus far has come from the older generation of poultry keepers, reading as much as we could, lastly and most importantly from hands on experience both good and bad.

So at present we continue to learn and gain insights for ourselves and others as to keep these breeds in good numbers, so that they will be here for many more years, for young and old to enjoy.

We have through necessity also gone into building poultry housing, to offset the cost of feeding so many chickens (in the last four seasons we have put 20,000 chicks on the ground), these come in a variety of sizes, with modifications if the customer requires. They have been designed to be strong, long lasting, easy to clean, movable and smart looking.

As most people are aware with biosecurity being what it is these days, the importation of poultry or eggs is almost impossible for most poultry hobbyists, due to the expense, so we must protect and preserve what we already have here.

Mark and Fiona Goldby